USSR withdraws support to Eastern Europe

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This slide outlines the change in position on the Soviet Union towards its allies in the Warsaw Pact as a result of the policies of Glasnost and Perestroika. With reduced support from Soviet troops, Eastern European countries were on their own, leading to a collapse in communism across those countries.

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    USSR and Eastern Europe Relations
    Some hard line communists in Eastern Europe, such as Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, disagreed with Gorbachev's ideas of reform. As Gorbachev introduced his reforms to the USSR, demand rose across the states of eastern Europe for reform. In July 1988, Gorbachev made a speech to the Warsaw Pact summit where he outlined his intention to withdraw large numbers of Soviet troops and tanks from other communist states. Gorbachev made it clear to the Warsaw Pact leaders, in March 1989, the Soviet army would no longer help them and they would have to listen to their own people.  In the months that followed, there was a sudden collapse of communism across eastern Europe. In November 1989, the infamous Berlin Wall was abandoned and dismantled.   
    Caption: : Communist leader of Romania - Nicolae Ceausescu

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    Collapse of USSR and the Cold War Ends
    By October 1990, the Berlin Wall had been torn down and East and West Germany were reunited  The new German state was permitted to become a part of NATO Throughout 1990-1991, many of the republics that made up the USSR began to demand independence Gorbachev had no choice but to let the USSR break up  August 1991 - a group of hard-line communists attempt to overthrow Gorbachev and failed With the USSR finished, Gorbachev was too December 1991- Gorbachev, in a televised speech, announced his resignation and the end of the Soviet Union 
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