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CAE Gapped Sentences


Practica para el CAE. Use of English Page 4
Emilio Alonsooo
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Instrucciones: Encuentra la palabra que encaja en las TRES frases para cada pregunta

Q1John has just taken up the ........ of Marketing Manager at a local college. He put me in a really difficult ........ asking for money when he knows I'm not very well off. The yoga teacher told everyone to remain in a standing ........ for 30 seconds.

Q2 Apparently, the police are going to ........ the man with assault following that fight the other week. I couldn't get the car to start this morning and finally had to ........ the battery as it had gone flat. The company have been asked to submit a proposal outlining how much they will ........ for the consultancy work.

Q3 During the tutorial I was asked to give my........ of the portrayal of the main character in the film. There was a wonderful ........ from the hotel window, which looked out over beautiful countryside. Our son couldn't see the game as his ........ was blocked by the people in front.

Q4 I had a real ........ of achievement when I passed the exams and got my degree. I don't see the ........ of going all the way into town when we can buy the dress locally. Paul has a great ........ of humour and always has everyone in the office in fits of laughter.

Q5 It wasn't my ........ - the vase just fell off the table. There was a ........ with the computer and we had to take it back to the shop to get it repaired. The manager is always finding ........ with people and complaining about the quality of their work.

Q1: Position

Q2: Charge

Q3: View

Q4: Sense

Q5: Fault



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