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The GoConqr notes software tool is designed with students and teachers in mind. It’s a free online study tool that can help you capture thoughts quickly and help you learn.

Our Notes Software empowers you to:

  • quickly capture your thoughts and consolidate the thoughts of others
  • record text in a quick and fluid motion.
  • share your notes with fellow students, teachers or colleagues
  • embed videos, links and other learning resources for complete overview
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Indigenous Australians

World War One

To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Analysis

Say it in your own words

The most powerful expression of knowledge is the ability to explain in our own words. A good set of Notes captures and explains key points. But good is not good enough.

A GoConqr set of Notes pulls together a number of learning resources together on one page, giving you the ultimate learning experience. Find out how on GoConqr.

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Capture and Build

A great study note can start out as a half scribble somewhere. What is important is adding to this; add more thoughts, bolster it with outside references. Do this often enough and soon you’ll have a comprehensive note that will help your study greatly.

With the GoConqr Notes software tool you can start out slowly, put your ideas into words and build on your ideas. This way your Study Notes become your own creation.

Easy to Create, Easy to Share

There is no doubt learning becomes easier when you’ve got help. Collaboration gets you places quicker. Sharing Notes can help introduce a fresh perspective or a guiding hand. Or it might just be about sharing the workload, and sharing ideas.

Whether you’re a student cutting down the workload on reading lists, or a teacher creating great resources, sharing your notes on GoConqr is a simple click away. Plus, you control who has access to your resources and how they can interact with them. So start creating for free today.

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