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Simple, intuitive, and flexible: Notes software that makes it easier to record what's most important.

Connect Ideas

Organise Your Thoughts

Capture, clarify and consolidate key ideas quickly and easily.


Total Access

Retrieve your Notes wherever you go at the tap of a button.

Share and Discover

Share & Discover

Share study Notes with friends, classmates or colleagues any time.

Notes Software

Powerful Learning Resources

Tailored to help bring your learning to the next level.

GoConqr’s Note-taking software is designed with learners and educators in mind. It’s a free online study tool that makes it easier than ever to capture your thoughts, then share them whenever you like, with whomever you like.

Some at-a-glance benefits of GoConqr’s Notes Software:

  • Quickly capture your thoughts and organise them for easy access
  • Create and customise your Notes for greater impact and effectiveness
  • Share your Notes with fellow students, teachers or colleagues
  • Embed videos, links and other learning resources for a more complete subject overview
  • Access and edit on mobile devices

The GoConqr Notes tool incorporates functions that allow you to add images or video. You can also search for other notes on the subject and compare then to your own.

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Sample Notes

Indigenous Australians


World War One


To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Analysis


Customised to Fit Your Needs

Designed to record your thoughts in the most effective way possible.

Jotting down key points during study helps create new neural pathways in a learner’s mind.

GoConqr’s Notes software lets you record Notes in the way that works best for you, so that you can remember key information and revise it whenever you want.

You can choose to make your Notes text- or visuals-based. Or create media-rich Notes by incorporating images, videos, links or other GoConqr learning resources for a more complete learning experience.

Revise & Remember Key Info
Notes Software
GoConqr Notes Software

Create, Revise, Review

Navigating complex Notes has never been easier.

Our Notes Software is  ideal for sharing thoughts, fresh perspectives or workload … The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re missing a specific point or need to contrast your own notes with others, with GoConqr you can find everything you need. And no matter how extensive your study resources become, you can always arrange them neatly across multiple pages and easily sort through them using the Board feature for an at-a-glance overview.

On GoConqr you can find millions of  resources created by over 3 million students, teachers, and professionals. It is the quickest and easiest way to complete your notes  and enrich the learning process.

Simplify Your Learning

Easy to Share

Sharing that's mobile friendly

There is no doubt that learning is easier when you can rely on the support of other learners.

GoConqr’s Notes software encourages collaborative learning by making it easy to share Notes via mobile or desktop so you can benefit from fresh ideas, study advice or a guiding hand.

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android mean that you can easily edit and add to your notes, whether you’re in a meeting, lecture, or library.

So whether you’re a student needing help with reading lists, a teacher creating great resources,  sharing your learning material on GoConqr is just a click or tap away.

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