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This Macbeth revision course covers the plot, themes, and characters of William Shakespeare's famous play. Along with a detailed account of the plot, this course also includes an accompanying plot analysis to discuss key elements of the text in order to fully understand the exam topics. The character analysis includes sections on Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and more.

Module Information

Our Macbeth revision Course begins with some background information on the author and the play. At the time Macbeth was written, religion and the Divine Right of Kings were very topical. Shakespeare featured many elements of religion in his play.
The following 5 modules give a summary of the plot in Macbeth. This includes an analysis of each scene and important quotes to aid in the answering of exam questions. Scroll through the notes on a scene by scene basis to learn more.
The best way to ensure that you know all about Act 2 is to check out this comprehensive study note. All the events are described, as the tone darkens as Duncan is murdered and Macbeth readies to ascend to the throne.
Delve deep into the action and analysis of Act 3 with this revision note. Macbeth plots and organises the murder of Banquo and his son, but the escape of Fleance is the turning point in Macbeth's story.
Act 4 sees the play descend into further tragedy and complexity as the mixture of superstition, fear and anger move the protagonists to act in brutal and vengeful ways. By the end of this act the scene is set for the final actions of revenge.
From the beginning of Act 5, the length of the scenes shortens, adding to the quick pace and tension. Follow all the action with scene summaries, analysis and key quotes as the downfall of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth inevitably happen.
Having a sure sense of the characters in Macbeth is a must to be able to answer exam questions successfully. This study note profiles the main characters in Macbeth, exploring their transformation as the events unfold.
Explore the main themes that can be found recurring in Macbeth - Kingship, Power, Fate/Predictions, Violence, Supernatural, Ambition, Deception, Guilt & Gender - all summarised and explained in this slide side.
We hope you found this Macbeth study guide useful. To end, we have compiled a quiz that will test your knowledge on the play plot, quotes and relationships. Once you've scored 100% you can consider yourself an expert on all things Macbeth.