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NSLC Nursing program

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History of Nursing Early 19th century 1839: Nurse Society of Philadelphia 1861: Civil War 1873: Nurse education programs The 1890s: Professional nursing organizations Challenges for Nursing Early Twentieth Century: Few graduate nurses employed by hospitals Supervisory positions Student nurses performed most bedside care Most graduate nurses entered private duty nursing Lack of regular and dependable employment Lack of regular income High cost Progress! Early-twentieth-century: nursing recognized as an essential health care service Specialties created and encouraged Nursing Problems: Nursing Shortage The portrayal of nurses in the media Back injuries due to patient mobilization Gender bias in nursing Misconceptions of RNs as inferior to MDs Lack of interdisciplinary communication Needle sticks when drawing up meds Exposure to infections and diseases Workplace violence and injury The generation gap in nursing For Project: 10 minute PowerPoint/Prezi presentation 1-2 minute video illustrating your issue and solution One page abstract
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