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The SAT Math 1 Course is designed to help prep students taking the SAT test. In this course you will find overview information, essential tips and knowledge and lots of math test examples to with answers to help you prep for the big day.

Module Information

Take a moment to see how the SAT math test is constructed. There are four major sections. These are 'Algebra and Functions', 'Geometry and Measurement', 'Data Analysis, Statistics &Probability' and 'Number & Operations.'

Mind Map

Overview of what to know for SAT level 1 Mathematics, with resources in attachments
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Exams can be tough. Its not just the preparation, but also the pressure. Having a clear idea of how the exam is organized can take a lot of the strain off. These slides will show you what topics you can expect in the SAT math exam.

Slide Set

This SAT math level 1 presentation will give you a rundown of the key areas that the SAT math test covers. In addition, the slide set also includes some sample questions to help you become more familiar with what the test will require you to know.
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The best way to prepare for a test is to have plenty of experience under your belt before the day of the test. Here is a sample test with twenty questions prepared for you. Try and hit a good score.
Okay, hope you did well with the last one. Here is another twenty questions to get you in the zone for the SAT math test. Let's see how you do with these. Aim for a high score before you move on. You can do it!


Sporting Futures USA's SAT Test Preparation Program
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Okay, one more for good measure. Last one, I promise. Twenty more math problems for you to figure out. Again, try and hit a high score. If you hit all three, you've earned yourself a treat. Best of luck!


Sporting Futures USA's Online SAT Preparation Program
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