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Welcome to our Ecosystem Revision Course, the perfect way to prepare for your GCSE exams. Dive right in to learn all about the various ecosystems globally, the issues facing some of them and ecosystems closer to home. The course doesn't cover case studies that may arise on the exam.

Module Information

We begin our Course with an overview of Ecosystems. Within this Slideset you will find an overview and then details about the global distribution of Ecosystems and the factors that control Ecosystems.
This GoConqr study note explores Tropical Rainforests. Not only does it contain the basic facts about climate, vegetation and soils, it also delves into the more pressing issues around deforestation and Rainforest management.
Learn more about Hot Desert Climates with this Slideset. Areas covered include Desert Characteristics, Plant and Animal Adaptation and the increasing important topic of Desertification.
Let's chill out a bit now and focus on the Polar and Tundra Environments. As well as covering the fundamentals on these areas, this slide deck covers Plant and Animal Adaptation and the threat to cold wilderness environments (clue: climate change!)
Time to focus back on the UK and the ecosystems that we can see on our doorstep. Learn about the main characteristics and wildlife features on the UK ecosystems in this GCSE Geography revision note.
Mastering the terms of a geography subject is the first step to being able to display your knowledge in an exam. This Ecosystem flashcard deck covers all the main terms you need to know in a fun and engaging way.
Now time to test what you have learnt in our Ecosystem Course. This 20 question Ecosystems quiz will check to see if you've been paying attention to what's gone before. Practice this quiz to help prepare you for the GCSE Ecosystems exam.