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In our latest resource in the study series on ecosystems, this flashcard provides all the key definitions that you should know when learning about ecosystems.
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Ecosystem Geographic regions that hold specific environments and inhabitants
Biotic Living
Abiotic Non-living
Biodiversity Variety of plant and animal life in a region
Nutrient cycle The movement and exchange of organic and inorganic material into living matter
Biosphere The part of the Earth and its atmosphere that is capable of supporting life
Resource Something that is usable by animals or plants
Finite resource A resource that can run out
Aquaculture Breeding of fish under controlled conditions
Biomass The amount of living organisms in an area
Limiting factors Factors that limit biodiversity, population size, or growth
Deforestation The cutting down/removal of trees
Afforestation The planting of trees in an area that was not previously planted
Interdependence The dependence of two or more things on one another
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
Permafrost A permanent layer of ice on the ground
Hibernation When mammals go to sleep for the winter
Primary consumer A creature that feeds on plants
Secondary consumer A creature that eats other animals
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