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Welcome to our revision course on one of the most iconic pieces of literature from the 20th Century, Animal Farm. George Orwell's powerful allegorical novel has left a lasting impression for generations. This course provides you with an in-depth plot summary, explores characters and themes, provides comparisons to the Russian Revolution and finally tests your knowledge of the all the above.

Module Information

We begin our course with some background and context. This allegorical tale hints heavily on the experience of the Russian Revolution and subsequent years. This slide deck presents the main figures and features of post revolution Russia.
Ensure you know the story line well by revising with this comprehensive plot summary note. It gives the main points of each chapter detailing how the story progresses and highlights the key quotes from the book from each chapter.
Now let's start to explore the main themes presented in the book. Themes of power, class stratification, lies and deceit surface the whole way through. This note highlights these with relevant examples from the text to augment the points.
Here we profile 8 of the major characters in Animal Farm and provide a summary of what they represent. Snowball, Squealer, Mollie, Boxer, Benjamin, Old Major, Clover and of course Napoleon character summaries are presented in the revision note.
Need a handy review hack to capture all the Russian Revolution references in Animal Farm? Check out this clever revision mind map the allows you to see the links between the two simply and clearly.

Mind Map

A mind map detailing some of the relevant points of the Russian Revolution which contribute to the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell (1944)
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A chance to recap of the key quotes of Animal Farm with full explanations as to the meaning a significance of each. Including the iconic "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"


A selection of key quotes from George Orwell's Animal Farm with a full explanation of the meaning and the importance of each. Perfect revision material for preparing for an English Literature exam.
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By now you should have a great grasp of Animal Farm plot, themes, characters and quotes. To complete your exams, take this review quiz and found out how well you are prepared for Animal Farm.