What are the benefits of a Teacher account?

With a Teacher plan, you receive the following benefits:

  • Full access to our range of tools, library, and groups
  • Unlimited creation of public resources
  • Unlimited creation of private resources
  • Copy and edit resources from other authors
  • Lock your resources from being copied by other users
  • 5 GB of media storage space
  • Ad free experience
  • Group analytics and reporting
  • Performance reports for your resources and courses
  • Share your resources with non GoConqr users with Smartlinks and Smartembeds
  • Share resources free from ads
  • Automatically integrate with SmartEmbed Quiz submissions via callback hook

The SmartLinks and SmartEmbeds features are subject to a fair usage cap of 2000 submissions/shares per month.

You can upgrade your account to the Premium+ plan today via our plans page.