AQA AS Physics Unit 2 - Spring Constant and Hookes Law Questions

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If a man lifts a 11.0kg bucket from a well and does 7KJ worth of work, how deep is the well (assume the speed of the bucket remains constant as it's lifted). Give the answer to two decimal places.

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  • 64.87m

  • 64.86887m

  • 72.65m

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State Hooke's Law

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  • The Spring Constant is proportional to the characteristic of the spring (tensile strain).

  • The force needed to extend a spring Is proportional to the distance. Where stiffness is a factor.

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Hooke's law describes a certain light spring of unstretched length 36.0 cm. When one end is attached to the top of a door frame, and a 7.60kg object is hung from the other end, the length of the spring is 45.50 cm. Find it's spring constant. Give your answer to three decimal places.

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  • 5.872nm

  • 7.848nm

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