What is GoConqr?

Welcome to GoConqr!

GoConqr is an online learning choice of over 4 million members that allows you to create, discover and share great learning material. GoConqr is being used across for the globe for businesses, universities, classrooms and homes to provide better learning and training experiences.

Create: our range of apps make it easy for you to create great material, suited to every learning style. Combine all your byte size pieces of content - mindmaps, flashcards, quizzes, notes, slides & flowcharts - into powerful learning Courses.

Discover: GoConqr is home to over 8 discoverable million learning resources covering a diverse range of topics. Use the library to see material relevant to your learning topics, or search to find something specific.

Share: work in Groups to share ideas and material, or share privately to colleagues, clients or teams via our SmartLinks and SmartEmbeds options.

So why not start creating engaging learning and training material with GoConqr today!