How do I create a Course?

Simply choose Course from the dropdown Create menu at the top of your home page, or Create Course from the left hand side of your home page.

Basic Information:

Fill in the basic information about your course – title and description. Decide if you want the course taker to have to follow in sequence, and choose your privacy setting (private courses are a Premium feature). If you are in a GoConqr Campus you may have permission to add a certificate to the course here.


Adding Modules

Next, choose a template to add a module to the Course. You can choose from only media, resource or text, or you can combine text with media or resources.


A module with a text field will allow you to add and edit text directly within the Course editor.

If you select a resource module, click to import a resource. You will be able to search the GoConqr library and your own resources to import a resource to a course. You can filter by resource type. Note that this creates a copy of the resource which is added to the course, so any changes to the resource in the future will not be reflected in the course copy. To add a resource to a course you must be the author, or else the author must allow copies of the resource to be made.

If you select a media module, click to add media. This will open your media library, where you can choose from your existing media (images, video, embeds), or you can add media to your library from here.

After adding your template you will see the module appear on the left hand side index. You can hide this index at any time, by sliding it to the left. Modules with resources will be named after the resource, and modules with media will be named after the media file title.

Modules with text only, or that you have not yet added media or resources to, will be untitled by default. You can change the names of any of the module by clicking ‘Manage Modules’ in the index on the left.


Organising your Course and Managing Modules

You can re-arrange modules by dragging and dropping in the index on the left hand side.


Clicking Manage Modules gives you more options:

  • Rename Modules – by clicking and editing the name
  • Add a Score weight – for modules with resources you can add a weight to the module, if for example one quiz is more important than others. By default all resources are weighted = 1.
  • Progression Score – In a sequential course you may add a minimum score to flashcards and quizzes that a user must achieve in order to progress.
  • Change template type – you may change the layout of the module to include or remove text.
  • Delete – check the box here if you wish to delete any modules
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    Once you have made all the desired changes, click ‘Save all changes’ to return to the main course editor. When you are finished creating the course close it by simply clicking the x in the top right hand corner of the page. The Course will be available on the left hand side of your activity feed.

    You can view an example of a course here.

    If you wish to learn how to share your courses and how to navigate the different modules, read our guide to navigating the course overview page here.