How to Use Courses to improve student engagement

GoConqr Courses are the ideal way to engage students by allowing you to present a number of learning resources in the format you want in an engaging way.

Our Courses tool allows you to track audience activity and report on student performance.

A Course is an organised sequence of Modules, which can include GoConqr learning resources (Flowcharts, Flashcards, Mind Maps, Quizzes, Slides and Notes), text, and media (images, video and PDFs).

See an example of what you can do by viewing this sample Maths Number Course

A Course can be structured so that it must be followed sequentially, and a minimum score for progression can be set for quizzes.

Course Modules can comprise of a resource, media item, or text, or you can combine text with resources or media.

Course modules can be weighted so that some contribute more to the overall score for the course.