What is a Resource?

A GoConqr Resource is a piece of learning or training material created using GoConqr’s free online tools. You can create GoConqr resources for your personal use, or to share with others. You can also find Resources created by other users on the GoConqr platform.

Our tools make it easy to create all of these resource types – choose what resource best meets your learning or training objectives!

We currently offer six different resource types:

Quizzes – Quizzes are ideal for testing knowledge, whether for revision or assessment. With a variety of different question types, including multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks, it is quick and simple to create engaging Quizzes.

Flashcards – Our online Flashcards can be created and viewed on a computer or through our mobile apps. They are particularly good for reinforcing concepts such as vocabulary for language learning or definitions for staff training. And because you can add images, they are also suitable for identifying symbols or photos.

Notes – The GoConqr Notes tool makes it easy to create engaging notes, as you can embed images, videos and PDFs, as well as other GoConqr resources to bring your learning material to life.

Slides – Slides can be used for presentations or to organise your learning material for review. It’s easy to add multimedia elements to create training material that suits all learning styles.

Mind Maps – Mind Maps are ideal for brainstorming ideas, planning essays or papers, or mapping out a curriculum. You can add annotations to include additional information in your mind map, and you can attach media or GoConqr resources. You can also track your performance by checking off the nodes that you already know.

Flowcharts – Flowcharts are used for programming and for process diagrams in business. It’s simple to create complex diagrams using GoConqr’s Flowchart tool.