How can GoConqr help me?

The GoConqr platform offers a way to create and organize your learning content.

Choose from Flashcards, Flowcharts, Notes, Slides, Quizzes, and Mind Maps.

Easily embed links, images, and video files into your resources and customise their design so that they look and perform exactly as you want them to.

Use the GoConqr tools you love, to deliver content on MS Teams

With the MS Teams app, this experience is lifted into your familiar Teams environment, where you can explore and manage your subjects and resources, attach your Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes, Slides, and Flowcharts to Teams Assignments and, complete Quizzes created by your teachers. All of this via an integrated single-sign-on experience, open Teams, and you will be logged-in to GoConqr. Simple.

Don't have the app yet? Get the Teams app on the Teams store here.