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don´t bother to do something don´t do it because it seems too much effort (bother: molestarse en)
bribe money or a present that you offer to someone so that they will do something for you (soborno)
call it a day stop doing something (dar por terminado)
commute travel regularly to and from a place where you work
convict decide in a court that someone is guilty of a crime (condenar)
counsellor someone whose job is to talk to people who have problems and give them help and advice (terapeuta)
falling-out disagreement (desacuerdo, diferencia) (caída)
flick through turn the pages quickly, looking at some of the pages but nor reading everything (ojear)
glance look at it quickly (ojeada, mirada, vistazo)
kick out tell someone to to leave a place (echar)
knock out make someone leave a competition by defeating them
overreact be more annoyed or upset about something than is really necessary (exagerar)
patch period of time (momento, periodo, racha) (*parche)
rought difficult, there are lots of problems
good or bad run period of time when things go well or badly for you
upbringing way your parents look after you and taught you to behave (crianza, educación)
boundary limit that tells you which activities or types or behavior are acceptable and which are not (límite, frontera)
compromise end an argument by accepting that you cannot have everything that you want (mutuo acuerdo)
defensive angry because they think that someone is criticising them
disruptive someone who causes difficulties and prevents things from happening normally (perturbador)
lose face/save face lose people´s respect and seem weak or foolish/keep people´s respect
flashpoint situation in which there might be serious problems such as arguments or violence (detonante de violencia) (*punto de combustion)
gesture movement of your body that communicates a meaning (gesto, expresión)
get your own way get what you want (salirse con la suya)
grace kind and polite behavior
ground subjects and ideas you discuss in a discussion (*suelo)
irrational not sensible, done without any good reason
laid-back calm and relaxed
lighten up become more relaxed and less worried (relajarse) (*aclarar, iluminar)
move on go to the next place, start doing the next thing or start discussing the next subject
put off delay something until a later time (posponer) (*desalentar)
resort do something because other things have not been successful (recurrir) (*centro turístico)
for the sake of for the purpose of something, for a person benefit
set out intend (planificar) to do something or or try to do it (disponerse a)
slob someone who is extremely lazy and untidy (guarro, desaliñado)
steer through a situation control or influence the way things happen (conducir, manejar)
tantrum when a young child behaves in a very andry and unseasonable way (berrinche, rabieta)
toddler young child who is learning to walk (bebé mayor)
underlying something that exist but is not is not very obvious and is nor stated directly (subyacente)
vain someone very proud who think that he is very attractive or special in some way (superficial, banal, egoísta)
ashes someone´s: remains when their body has been cremated after their death
blossom flowers on a tree
bury put someone´s body in the ground after they died
cementery place where the bodies of dead people are buried
coffin box in which the body of a dead person is buried of cremated
condolences things you say to someone to show sympathy (compasión, condolencias) when a person has died
cremate burn someone´s body after their have died
dawn beginning of the day (alba, amanecer)
dignitary important official (official=funcionario)
draining something that makes you feel extremely tired
elaborate something very complicated
feasting eating and drinking a lot to celebrate a special occasion (festín, banquete)
grave place when someone is buried (tumba, sepultura)
leave period of time when you do not have to go work
lengthy very long
maternity/paternity designed to help women who are pregnant or have just had a baby/men
mourner someone who goes to a funeral (doliente, que se lamenta)
scan medical test which use special equipment to make a picture of the inside of someone´s body
scatter throw ir so that it spreads over a large area (dispersar)
straightforward simple, with no problems or difficulties (directo)
toast occasion when people drink together to celebrate something or to wish people luck (brindis)
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