Chapter 11


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What is a variable? A variable is a named data location in a program for a value that can be changed
What is a constant? A constant is a named data location in a program for a value that doesn't change
Difference between a variable and a constant? -the value stored in a variable can be changed through the program -the value stored within a constant will remain the same throughout the program
Types of data types? -string -character -integer -boolean
What's a string? A string is the name given to a series of characters or symbols
What's a character? A character is a data type that holds just one character
What's an integer? An integer is a whole number that has no decimal points
What's a boolean? A boolean is a data type that holds two values only, true/false or yes/no
What's an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of instructions to solve a problem
What's a sequence? Sequences are instructions that occur one after the other in a particular order
Define executed Executed is a program that is run
Define selection Selection is making a choice or a decision in a program
Define iteration Iteration is repeating instructions in a program
What's a condition A condition is a state in a program that will be met or not met
What are the two main types of loop? A counting and a condition loop
What's a counting loop? A counting loop repeats a set of instructions s set number of time
What's a condition loop? A condition loop repeats a set of instructions until a condition is met
Define predefined function Predefined function is a pre-programmed set of instructions that return a value
Define library Library is a store of pre-programmed instructions that can be imported into a program
Define predefined procedure Predefined procedure is a pre-programmed set of instructions that do not return a value
Define array An array is a store of data values that are all related and of the same data type
Define element An element is an individual data location in an array
Define read Read is outputting data from an array so we can see it
Define write Write is inputting data into an array to store it
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