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GoConqr’s online Flashcards maker is perfect for studying and recalling important information such as verbs, grammar rules, historical dates, quotes, formulas and lots more besides. Memorizing key information is one of the most difficult aspects of study, since there is a balance between trying to store the maximum amount of data in the brain and trying to recall that data with the highest possible precision.

Simple to create and easy to use, GoConqr Flashcards allow you to:

  • Flip and shuffle to add variety to learning
  • Keep score so you can track learning progress
  • Hide known flashcards so you can focus on what you need to know
  • Review content on large whiteboards or small mobile screens
  • Search and discover relevant content in the subjects you study

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Required Maths Formulae


Aboriginal Culture


Geography Costal Zones


Flashcards to the Rescue

The clever way of dealing with the details.

There comes a point in your study efforts where you’ve simply got to face the facts – literally – by acknowledging that memorising details are an essential part of learning.  But unless you’ve got a photographic memory, you’re bound to need some help. GoConqr’s free Flashcard maker is the perfect learning tool to help you retain essential information, no matter what your subject, level, or field of study.

Using this tried and tested method has never been easier thanks to the application of technology –  GoConqr’s easy to use solution is the perfect introduction to using flashcards for better learning.

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The Power of Visual Learning

Seeing is believing.

The combination of textual and visual elements enhances your ability to recall information. You can easily add images to your GoConqr flashcards – this has obvious implications for subjects such as art, but images can also help to reinforce your learning of text or numerical data – such as key dates in history.

In the past, study cards were physical and creating them was time consuming. With GoConqr you can create flashcards quickly – even uploading text from a spread sheet to make multiple cards at once.

Flashcards have proven themselves to be perfect memory-boosters time and again, with many successful students now waking up to the benefits of using online Flashcards regularly. GoConqr lets you easily create a Flashcard deck and access it or share it with friends or colleagues any time, any place.

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Educators love using GoConqr Flashcards in the classroom for one simple reason: they help students engage with learning.

Features such as Flip, Shuffle and Rate allow for a greater degree of interaction with learning material and allow students keep track of their progress as they go. You can use flashcards to show students what they need to learn, or have them create their own flashcard decks which they can share with a class group on GoConqr.

Yyou can also combine Flashcards with our other features for learning to create online courses and more. Try it for free today.


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