Gran compendio de verbos regulares e iregulares en ingles (Parte 1)


TIene una gran cantidad de verbos tanto regulares e iregulares, supongo que son mas que suficientes si dominas todos no te faltara practicamente ningun verbo para comprender la mayoria de las expresiones
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Question Answer
Resistir Resist Resisted Resisted
Dormir Sleep Slept || Slept
Vivir Live Lived Lived
Perder Lose Lost || Lost
Practicar Practice Practiced Practiced
Manejar Drive Drove Driven
Nombrar Name Named Named
Ganar Win Won || Won
Saltar Jump Jumped Jumped
Enviar (emal) Send Sent || Sent
Amar Love Loved Loved
Escribir Write Wrote Written
Terminar End Ended Ended
Ir Go Went Gone
Disfrutar Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Ser / Estar Be - am, is, are Was Were Been
Empezar (1) Start Started Started
Sacudir Shake Shook Shaken
Contar Count Counted Counted
Hablar (De una forma especifica como un idioma) Speak Spoke Spoken
Gustar Like Liked Liked
Disparar Shoot Shot || Shot
Apresurarse Hurry Hurried Hurried
Pegar Hit Hit Hit
Ayudar Help Helped Helped
Cabalgar / Montar Ride Rode Ridden
Tratar Try Tried Tried
Robar Steal Stole Stolen
Escuchar Listen Listened Listened
Ver See Saw Seen
Viajar Travel (The Rest) Travelled - Traveled (USA) (The Rest) Travelled - Traveled (USA)
Prestar Lend Lent || Lent
Usar Use Used Used
Nadar Swim Swam Swum
Citar Date Dated Dated
Sentar Sit Sat || Sat
Esperar (esperanza) Expect Expected Expected
Colocar Set Set Set
Estudiar Study Studied Studied
Comer Eat Ate Eaten
Voltear Turn Turned Turned
Conseguir Get Got Gotten
Recordar Remember Remembered Remembered
Herir Hurt Hurt Hurt
Fumar Smoke Smoked Smoked
Conservar Keep Kept || Kept
Necesitar Need Needed Needed
Pagar Pay Paid || Paid
Planear Plan Planned Planned
Llegar a ser Become Became Become
Preguntar / Pedir Ask Asked Asked
Caer Fall Fell Fallen
Lavar Wash Washed Washed
Pensar Think Thought || Thought
Cocinar Cook Cooked Cooked
Oir Hear Heard || Heard
Plantar Plant Planted Planted
Dar Give Gave Given
Finalizar Finish Finished Finished
Llamar por telefono Ring Rang Rung
Considerar Consider Considered Considered
Vender Sell Sold || Sold
Escalar Climb Climbed Climbed
Enseñar Teach Taught || Taught
Parar Stop Stopped Stopped
Leer Read Read Read
Intentar Intend Intended Intended
Comprar Buy Bought || Bought
Caminar Walk Walked Walked
Permitir Let Let Let
Visitar Visit Visited Visited
Romper Break Broke Broken
Permanecer Stay Stayed Stayed
Pelear Fight Fought || Fought
Llover Rain Rained Rained
Esconder Hide Hid Hidden
Pertenecer Belong Belonged Belonged
Volar Fly Flew Flown
Trabajar Work Worked Worked
Cortar Cut Cut Cut
Empujar Push Pushed Pushed
Hacer Do Did Done
Rentar Rent Rented Rented
Despertar Wake + up Woke + up Woken + up
Llegar Arrive Arrived Arrived
Correr Run Ran Run
Abrir Open Opened Opened
Rasgar Tear Tore Torn
Mostrar Show Showed Showed
Doblar Bend Bent || Bent
Extrañar / Fallar Miss Missed Missed
Hacer (Fabricar) Make Made || Made
Limpiar Clean Cleaned Cleaned
Olvidar Forget Forgot Forgotten
Vestir (1) Dress Dressed Dressed
Encontrar Find Found || Found
Jugar / Tocar un instrumento musical Play Played Played
Poner Put Put Put
Seguir Follow Followed Followed
Cantar Sing Sang Sung
Esperar (Lugar) Wait Waited Waited
Barrer Sweep Swept || Swept
Borrar Erase Erased Erased
Alimentar Feed Fed || Fed
Desear Wish Wished Wished
Subir Rise Rose Risen
Hablar (Comunicar de forma oral) Talk Talked Talked
Elegir Choose Chose Chosen
Cerrar Close Closed Closed
Entender Understand Understood || Understood
Ordenar Order Ordered Oredered
Soñar Dream Dreamt - Dreamed || Dreamt - Dreamed
Señalar Point Pointed Pointed
Construir Build Built || Built
Mirar Look Looked Looked
Conocer / Reuninrse (con gente) Meet Met || Met
Querer Want Wanted Wanted
Tomar / Llevar Take Took Taken
Bailar Dance Danced Danced
Esforzarse Strive Strove - Strived Striven - Strived
Repetir Repeat Repeated Repeated
Crecer Grow + up Grew + up Grown + up
Contestar Answer Answered Answered
Gastar (tiempo o dinero) Spend Spent || Spent
Llenar Fill Filled Filled
Traer Bring Brought || Brought
Reir Laugh Laughed Laughed
Esparcir Spread Spread Spread
Sonreir Smile Smiled Smiled
Decir Say Said || Said
Cambiar Change Changed Changed
DIbujar Draw Drew Drawn
Pintar Paint Painted Painted
Superar Overcome Overcame Overcome
Entregar Deliver Delivered Delivered
Dejar o abandonar (un lugar o hábito) Quit Quit Quit
Aceptar Accept Accepted Accepted
Beber Drink Drank Drunk
Derramar Spill Spilled - Spilt || Spilled - Spilt
Brillar Shine Shone || Shone
Deletrear Spell Spelled - Spelt || Spelled - Spelt
Vestir (2) Wear Wore Worn
Oler Smell Smelled - Smelt || Smelled - Smelt
Dirigir Lead Led || Led
Aprender Learn Learned - Learnt || Learned - Learnt
Arrodillarse Kneel Knelt || Knelt
Casar Marry Married Married
Poder (Verbo modal) Can Could Been able to
Actuar Act Acted Acted
Cerrar (boca) Shut Shut Shut
Añadir Add Added Added
Perdonar Forgive Forgave Forgiven
Cepillar Brush Brushed Brushed
Soplar Blow Blew Blown
Suplicar / Mendigar Beg Begged Begged
Venir Come Came Come
Creer Belive Belived Belived
Morder Bite Bite Bitten
Llamar (llamar la atención, por telefono, o dar nombre a un bebe o animal) Call Called Called
Significar / Intencion (" No fue mi intencion") / Referirce ("A que te refieres") Mean Meant || Meant
Cargar / Cobrar Charge Charged Charged
Tirar / Aventar Throw Threw Thrown
Llorar Cry Cried Cried
Salir Leave Left || Left
Morir Die Died || Died
Contar (historia, secreto) Tell Told || Told
Secar Dry Dried Dried
Estar de pie / Tolerar (cuando se agrega up cambia el significado a ponerse de pie) Stand + up Stood + up || Stood + up
Explicar Explain Explained Explained
Congelar Freeze Froze Frozen
Esperar (esperanza , deseo) Hope Hoped Hoped
Costar Cost Cost Cost
Suceder Happen Happened Happened
Tener / Haber Have (has) Had || Had
Imaginar Imagine Imagined Imagined
Conocer (saber) Know Knew Known
Besar Kiss Kissed Kissed
S Feel Felt || Felt
Matar Kill Killed Killed
Atrapar Catch Caught || Caught
Preferir Prefer Prefered Prefered
Poner (lento y cuidadosamente) Lay Laid || Laid
Prometer Promise Promised Promised
Jurar / Decir grocerias Swear Swore Sworn
Agradecer Thank Thanked Thanked
Negociar / Repartir Deal Dealt || Dealt
Tocar Touch Touched Touched
Hundir Sink Sank Sunk
Mirar (por un periodo largo como la tele) Watch Watched Watched
Empezar (2) Begin Began Begun
Conseguir / Lograr / Llevar a cabo Achieve Achieved Achieved
Encoger Shrink Shrank Shrunk
Dirigir Address Addressed Addressed
Colgar Hang Hung || Hung
Abandonar Abandon Abandoned Abandoned
Surgir / Levantarse Arise Arose Arisen
Anunciar Advertise Advertised Advertised
Despertar / Darse cuenta Awake Awoke Awoken
Aconsegar Advise Advised Advised
Soportar / Dar a luz Bear Bore Borne / Born
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