Movers vocabulary: Food and drink


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sauce Why don´t you put a bit of ...... to make your food taste better?
sandwich Can I make a .... of ham and cheese? I´m hungry.
vegetables I´m not going to eat this salad. I don´t like ...
bottle Can you pass me the ... of milk? I´m going to pour some in my glass.
tea/coffee Would you like to drink a cup of ... It was very cold outside and you´ll feel better.
milkshake Mum, can we prepare a ... made of milk, chocolate syrup and strawberry ice cream, please?
glass/thirsty Could you give me a ... of water, please? I´m really ...
pancakes Can we have ... with chocolate syrup for breakfast, mum?
coffee/tea Can you prepare me a cup of ... and a toast, please? I´m in a hurry but I´d like to have breakfast.
soup Would you like to eat ... and fish for dinner, John?
hungry/noodles I´m ... What about going to a Japanese restaurant and eat ....?
bowl Every morning I eat a ... of cereal with milk.
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