Movers vocabulary: Adjectives


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afraid/scared/frightened Are you ... of snakes? Yes, I am.
better Your ball is good, but mine is ... because it´s more expensive.
boring This film is very ... Can we go out to play in the park?
busy My mother is very ... : she has to take me to piano lessons, do the shopping and cook the dinner.
exciting This book is very ... : the protagonists have many adventures and I can´t stop reading it.
famous Cristiano Ronaldo is a very ... football player.
naughty This boy is very ... He ate his partner´s sweets.
excited I was ... because my parents and my friends prepared a beautiful birthday party for me.
worse Jane´s handwriting is bad, but yours is ...
round A football is ...
best Bob is very intelligent. He is the ... student in the class.
tired I was very ... yesterday. I ran 20 kilometres.
huge This house is ... : forty people can live here.
square My mother prefers ... tables, but my father loves round tables.
The film was horrible; it´s the ... film I have ever seen. Name
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