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country(side) This is land that is not in cities It is green and has no buildings.
city This is a big place with lots of cars and buildings where people live and work.
field This is an open, large area of land without trees or buildings where you can grow things or feed animals.
forest This is a place with a lot of trees where many animals such as bears and foxes live.
grass This is a green plant that covers the ground in parks and gardens. Cows and horses like to eat it.
ground This is the hard surface of the earth.
island This is the land that is surrounded by water. Mallorca is one.
jungle This is a tropical forest where there are many plants, animals and colourful birds.
lake This is a large area of water surrounded by land. You can swim or sail a boat here.
leaf/leaves They grow on plants and trees. They are usually green, but can be red, orange or brown.
mountain This is an area of land that is very high above the ground. There can be snow on top.
river This is moving water that flows from the mountains to the ocean.
village This is a small group of houses and buildings. It´s smaller than a city or town.
waterfall It´s a flow of water that falls from a high place.
wave An area of moving water that is raised above the main surface of an ocean, lake, etc.
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