Movers vocabulary: Food and drink, home, adjectives and the world


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bowl It´s a round container that is used for preparing or serving foods or drinks.
balcony It´s a raised platform that is connected to the side of a building and it´s surrounded by a low wall.
tunnel It´s a passage through a mountain where you can drive your car.
island It´s a piece of land surrounded by water.
country(side) It´s land that is away from big towns and cities.
waterfall It´s a flow of water that falls from a high place.
village It´s a group of houses and buildings smaller than a town.
naughty When a child is disobedient and has bad behaviour.
busy When someone has got lots of things to do and hasn´t got free time.
ground It´s the hard surface of the earth
ground It´s the lowest part of the house.
field It´s a piece of land that is used to grow vegetables or a grassy area for animals to eat .
thirsty It´s when you need to drink something.
surprised It´s the feeling that people have when something unexpected or unusual happens.
exciting When something causes feelings of interest or enthusiasm.
blanket It´s a covering made of cloth that is used especially on bed to keep you warm.
towel You use this to dry your body off after having a shower, swimming in the sea etc.
fan it´s a machine that is used to move the air and make people or things cooler.
leaf/leaves They grow on plants or trees. They are usually green, but they can also be orange or red.
afraid/frightened When you are scared.
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