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Biscuit A dry sweet cookie.
Butter A soft, yellow food you put on bread.
Chopsticks Long thick sticks you use to eat Chinese food.
Meal Breakfast, lunch and dinner are this.
Flour It´s a white powder used for making bread, cakes etc.
Jam It´s sweet food made by boiling fruit and sugar.
Pepper It´s a red or green vegetable.
Salt It´s a white substance that adds flavour to food.
Spoon It´s an object that you use to eat soup for example.
Sugar It´s a white substance used to make food sweeter.
Honey A thick, sweet substance made by bees.
Knife It´s a tool used for cutting.
Fork A small tool with two or more pointed parts used for picking up and eating food.
Olives A small, egg-shaped black or green fruit that is used as food or for making oil.
Snack A small amount of food eaten between meals.
Strawberry A soft, juicy red fruit that grows on a low plant with white flowers.
Yoghurt A food that is made when bacteria are added to milk and that is often flavored.
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