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Brush It’s an object with short pieces of plastic used to tidy your hair.
Comb It’s a long, flat plastic object used to tidy your hair.
Envelope It’s a flat paper that you put a letter inside when you want to mail it.
Fridge It’s a machine that is used to keep food and drinks cool. You can find it in the kitchen.
Shelf It’s a long piece of wood on the wall that you put objects on.
Soap It’s something you use to clean yourself in the bath or shower.
Stamp It’s a small, square paper that you buy and stick on an envelope so you can mail it.
Swing It’s an object you can play on in the park. It moves back and forth slowly.
Cooker It´s a device used for cooking.
Cushion A soft pillow usually used for sitting, reclining or leaning on.
Entrance A door or gate for going in.
Gate An opening in a wall or fence.
Key A small metal instrument especially cut to fit into a lock and moves its bolt.
Oven A piece of cooking equipment that is used for baking or roasting food.
Shampoo A special liquid that is used for cleaning your hair.
Step The height of one stair.
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