Flyers vocabulary: Materials and places


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Card It’s thick paper you write a letter on.
Gold It’s an expensive yellow metal used to make jewelry.
Silver It’s a metal often used in jewelry (it has a grey color).
Glass It’s what windows are made of.
Wood It comes from trees. You make tables and desks from it.
Wool It comes from sheep and is used to make clothes.
Metal A substance like gold, copper etc that has got a shiny colour and can be melted and is usually capable of being shaped.
Plastic It´s a substance that can be made into different shapes and is used for making many common products.
Library You go to this place to read or study. You have to be in silence.
Bookshop It´s the place where you buy books.
Castle It´s the place where the queen and king live.
Chemist´s It´s the place where you buy medicine.
Greengrocer´s It´s the place where you buy vegetables and fruit.
College It´s the place where students over 16 go to study a subject or skill.
Corner The place at which two corverging lines or surfaces meet.
Path A narrow walk or way.
Police station Police headquarters to which people under arrest are brought.
Post office It´s the place where you go if you want to post a letter.
Skycraper It´s a very tall building, especially one for office or commercial use.
Stadium It´s a sports area with seats for spectators.
Straight on In a straight line; directly.
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