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queen It´s the king´s wife.
astronaut It´s the person who goes into space in a rocket.
designer It´s the person who plans the look of something before being made by preparing drawing.
actor/actress It´s the person who performs(= acts) in a play or a film.
firefighter/fireman/woman It´s the person who puts out fires.
news/newspaper It´s the object where a journalist writes news.
engineer It´s the person who designs roads, bridges, etc.
waiter/waitress It´s the person who serves food in a restaurant and takes food orders.
job Being a doctor, a teacher, a scientist is this.
meeting When everybody comes together.
journalist It´s the person who writes articles in a newspaper and interviews people.
businessman/woman It´s the person who buys something and then sells it at a higher price.
mechanic It´s the person who repairs vehicles.
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