Flyers vocabulary: Health, home, world and work


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shelf It´s an object where you can put books, toys etc.
swing It´s the action of moving forth and back.
firefighter/fireman/woman It´s the person who puts out fires
envelope You put letters inside this before posting it.
waiter/waitress It´s the person who serves food in restaurants and takes food orders.
stuntman/woman It´s the person who does dangerous things in films.
soap You use this to wash your body.
queen It´s the king´s wife.
toy designer It´s the person who makes things for children to play with.
hill This isn´t as tall as a mountain.
fridge It´s an object where you put food to preserve it.
businessman/woman it´s the person who buys something and then sells it at a higher price.
shop assistant/sales assistant It´s the person who sells things and helps customers.
medicine You take this when you are ill to get better.
stamp You stick this on an envelope if you want to send a letter.
bridge You use this when you want to cross a river.
fan It´s an object that moves the air in order you to be cooler when it´s hot.
planet Mars, Pluto and Venus are examples of this.
cave It´s a hole in a mountain. Some animals like bears or bats live there for a time.
brush It´s an object that you use to comb your hair.
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