Pet vocabulary: out of order to hold


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Out of order  When something doesn´t work.
Until Up to (a certain time).
Further Additional; more.
Chemistry lab It´s the place where scientific tests are carried out and people experiment with chemical substances and their reactions.
Remove(d) To take something away.
Shelf/shelves It´s a plank attached to the wall, in a cupboard on which things are put on.
Be allowed to To let someone do something.
Have a lift To ask someone to give you a ride in a vehicle.
Match(ed) To equalor, to find a connection to or with.
Find out To discover.
Enough When something is sufficient.
Get in touch To be in contact with someone.
Be fit To be in good health or physical condition.
Spend(spent) To pay out (money, resources etc) or to pass (time etc) on some work or in some place.
(Be) keen (on) When you are interested in something.
Fortnight It´s a period of two weeks.
Get fit To be adapted or suitable for (a purpose, object, occasion etc)
Running track It´s a course laid out for running.
Accommodation Lodging: it´s a place to live/to sleep.
Hold (held) To make (something) to take place. To have in your hand.
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