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Speaking practice for FCE


Expresiones, frases y vocabulario para revisar y practicar para el Speaking del FCE.
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PARA PEDIR UNA ACLARACIÓN - Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean - I don’t understand - Can you say that again, please? - May I ask a question? - Do you want me to...?
PARA EXPRESAR GUSTOS O PREFERENCIAS - I (really) like/love/enjoy… - I don’t (really)like… - I’d prefer… - I’d (much) rather… -The thing I like the best is… - I’m not very keen on… -I much prefer…
PARA CORREGIRTE A TI MISMO - What I meant was… - What I’m trying to say is… - What I mean is…
PARA EXPRESAR OPINIONES Y PENSAMIENTOS - I don’t think he’s very happy - I’m not sure whether they enjoy it or not. - I find it really interesting/awful - It looks a bit strange/difficult - She looks as if she’s enjoying it - I think it’d be better if they had chosen… - I think we should... - It makes me angry/smile/ worried
PARA CONTRASTAR Y COMPARAR -They both show/have/etc. - The top one looks more…than the
bottom one. - The one on the left shows/has…but the one on the right is… - It’s quite difficult to compare them. - This picture reminds me of… - This one is not as… …as the other one. They’re both quite similar … There both photographs. Both of them have got...In them.
PARA MOSTRAR ACUERDO O DESACUERDO CON TU COMPAÑERO - That’s true - I’m not sure about that - I don’t agree - Yes, but… - I agree - That sounds like a good idea - That’s a great idea - You’re right!
PARA INVOLUCRAR A TU COMPAÑERO - What do you think? - Do you think we should…? - What shall we do first? - Why don’t we…? - Perhaps we should… - Let’s decide about..., shall we?
PARA EXPRESAR PROS Y CONTRAS - On the other hand… - The good/bad thing(s) is/are… - One advantage/disadvantage is…
PARA ESPECULAR - He might be on holiday - I think this would be good for him - What if there was no opportunity to go? - Perhaps/Maybe he’s going to the doctor
PARA LLEGAR A UNA CONCLUSIÓN CON TU COMPAÑERO - So, let’s decide which one… - I think that’s it, don’t you?
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