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espero que os guste
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ENGLISH VERBS verbos inglés
to be ser/estar
to eat comer
to drink beber
to read leer
to write escribir
to speak hablar
to see ver
to touch tocar
to hear oír
to find encontrar
to happen pasar/ocurrir/suceder
to err equivocarse
to remember recordar
to go ir
to do hacer
to know saber, conocer
to say decir
to want querer
to stay quedarse
to give dar
to come venir
to accept aceptar
to let permitir
to need necesitar
to think pensar
to wait esperar
to pass pasar
to like gustar
to feel sentir
to arrive llegar
to return regresar
to meet conocer
to try intentar
to stop parar
to look mirar , observar
to understand entender
to help ayudar
to take tomar , coger
to use utilizar
to work trabajar
to lose perder
to stroll pasear
to walk caminar
to open abrir
to bring traer
to forgive perdonar
to follow seguir
to put colocar , poner
to love amar
to change cambiar
to forget olvidar
to show mostrar
to win ganar
to keep guardar
to pay pagar
to ask preguntar
to play jugar
to sleep dormir
to leave salir
to run correr
to buy comprar
to end terminar
to fall caerse
to sell vender
to decide decidir
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