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Arise i arise fast
Awake I awake early
be/are, is, am I am nice
bear I bear to melissa
beat I beat wall
become I become good
begin I begin the day
bend I bend clothes
bet I bet one hundred pesos
bind I bind shoes
bid I bid in the gym
bite I bite the apple
Bleed I Bleed through the nose
blow I blow out the candle
break I break the rule
breed I breed a dog
Bring I bring the water
broadcast I broadcast the mass
build I build the church
burn I burn the pot
burst I burst balloons
buy I buy pants
cast I cast a garbage
catch I catch the thief
come I come to school
cost my pants cost me 1000
cut I cut one hand
choose I choose dinner
cling I cling the live
snake It snake crawls
Deal I deal patience
Dig I dig a hole
Do (does) I do homeworks
Draw I draw cool
Dream I dream about you
Drink I drink a beer
Drive I drive a car
eat I eat hot dog
fall I fall off the bike
feed I feed the dog
feel I feel pain
figth I fight the team
find I find the keys
flee I flee of evil
fly I fly on the plane
forbid I forbid the laws
forget I forget my cell phone
forgive I forgive the mistake
freeze I freeze in Bogota
get I get a note
give I give a gift
go I go to the beach
grow I grow successfully
grind I grind the corn
hang I hang the clothes
have I have shoes
hear I hear in the class
hide I hide the emotions
hit I hit Jorge
hold I hold the distance
hurt I hurt people
keep I keep the gifts
Kwon I know the art
Kneel I kneel before God
knit I knit a blanket
lay i lay the table
lead I lead a group
lean I lean on the edge
leap I leap in the mud
learn I learn a lot
leave I leave the suitcase ready
lend I lend the pencil
let I let the silence
lie the dog lies down
linght I light the candle
lose I lose the exam
make I make bags
mean I mean a lot to you
meet I meet a verb
mistake I mistake always
overcome I overcome the sad
pay I pay the debt
put I put the bread
read I read books
ring I ring my mom
rise I rise the salary
run I run the race
say I say the same
see i see the world
seek I seek a notebook
sell I sell shirts
send I send the letter
set I set the flowers
sew I sew the pants
shake I shake the mat
shear I shear the sheep
shine I shine in art
shoot I shoot fire
show I show the talent
shirnk I shrink from the cold
sing I sing a song
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