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CHAMPION A champion is a winner
COMPETE When you compete, you take part i a contest.
FAN Is someone who supports a particular team or person
LEAGUE Is a group of teams that play the same sport
PASTIME Is an activity that you often do for fun.
POPULAR Means to be liked by many people
PROFESSIONAL Is someone who does a job for money
SEGREGATE Means to separate or keep apart
CELEBRATE Means to do something fun because of an important event
CREDIT When you give a credit, you are noticed for something you have done well
HONOR Is a symbol of high praise from others.
INTRODUCE Means to present someone by name
INVITATION Is a request for you to do something
MIGHTY Means to be powerful and strong
RESPECT When you have respect for someone, you have a good opinion of that
SPIRIT You spirirt is the kindof person you are
CONGRATULATE When you congratualte someone, you let that person that know you are happy for something.
ENERGY Is the power of force to do things.
EXERCISE Is an activity you do to stay fot and healthy.
GESTURE Is an action done to show how you feel.
HONEST A honest person tells the truth.
INTERRUPT Means to break into a conversation or activity.
SERIOUS When you are serious about something, you feel that it is important.
SQUEAKY A squeaky noise is a high-pitched sound
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