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Andres is not well He should go to the doctor
Mrs. Martha wants to lose weight because she feels fat She should eat healthier and exercise
Carlos is tired of running Carlos should stop and drink wather
Tommy's mom won't let him go out to play He should stay home and take care of his arm
the dog apparently wants to go out I should take him out for a walk
the room is messy I should pick up and clean everything
Esteban has a lot of homework to do - He should go play in the park - He should do it before playing
Logan is very hungry - He should prepare something to eat - He should buy something to eat
Steve smells really bad Steve should take a bath
Maria is very stressed - she should relax a bit - she should keep working
there are a lot of dirty clothes I should wash it
the house is on fire - I should start dancing - I should call the fire department - I should throw myself into the flames
Miguel has fallen - I should help him up - I should laugh out loud
Today it's a sunny day - I should put oil on top - I should put sunscreen on - I should fry an egg on the floor
Luis's girlfriend is mad at him - Luis should buy him a gift and ask for forgiveness - Luis shouldn't ask for forgiveness and go with his friends
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