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Members of your family Miembros de tu familia
Family celebrations Celebraciones familiares
To do sporting activities with your father Practicar actividades deportivas con tu padre
Family traditions Tradiciones familiares
Phrasal verbs Get on with Continuar haciendo algo, especialmente un trabajo. Continue doing something, especially work.
Do up Reparar o decorar un edificio. Repair o decorate a building so that it looks atractive
Clear up Ordenar, aclarar Make a place tidy by removing things from it or putting them where they should be.
Go on Continuar. Continue
Wear out Agotarse. Make someome extremely tired.
Pick up Recoger. Collect someone or something.
Use of English Do the ironing Planchar.
Do the washing-up Lavar los platos
Dust the furniture Limpiar el polvo de los muebles
Get the dinner ready Tener la cena lista
Hang the washing out to dry Colgar la ropa a secar
Lay the table Poner la mesa
Make the beds Hacer las camas
Sweep the floor Limpiar el suelo
.Make or do? Make: to create or produce something. Make an arrangement, an appointment, the bed, a change, a choice, a decision, an effort, an excuse, friends, an impression, a mistake, money, a noise, a phone call, a plan, progress, a promise...
Do: to perform an activity or job Do an activity, the cleaning, a course, (an) exercise, a favour, homework, housework, a job, the shopping, (a) sport, work, the chores...
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