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describes the use of the gerund with an example and the five forms of use
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Progressive / continuous It is structured with the infinitive form of the verb + the suffix –ing (verb termination ANDO - ENDO) for example: walking digging learning
SUBJECT / OBJECT Subject: perform the action cooking is her hobby Walking is your daily exercise Object: Who receives the action Her hobby is cooking His daily exercise is walking
After a preposition Propositions indicate the place, time or purpose within the sentence (example: for, about, after, in, on, by, of) This shovel is for digging the hole The spoon is for moving the soup
In the adjective The adjective responds to how the subject of the sentence is It was a boring exam The game was challenging
After some verbs A verb is the action within the sentence, therefore they can be found after the verb For instance: She likes eating soup He like playing football
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