Jane Eyre


Lista de vocabulario para la clase de inglés. Temática: Libro de Jane Eyre.
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Wicked (adj.) sin: Evil Malvado
Bitterly (adv) sin: extremely Extremadamente.
Tightly (adv) Firmemente o severamente
Scolding (noun) - Quarreling (noun)- -Reprimenda. -Disputa, discusión.
It's pouring down. (Informal) It's raining heavily. Está lloviendo a cantaros.
Rushed (adj) Acelerado, con prisa, apresurado. - Suddenly the door of the room opened. John Reed rushed in.
Threatened (adj) Sin: In danger. threaten [sb] (vb) - amenazar a Sentirse amenazado. - Sometimes he hit me, sometimes he just threatened me, (...)
Rudeness (noun)- Rude (adj) - - Rudeza. - Grosero, Rudo.
Naughty (adj) (child: disobedient) - malcriado/a John Reed is a naughty boy.
bear [sth] (vb) For the verb: "to bear" Simple Past: bore Past Participle: borne, born soportar, aguantar, resistir. - Oh aunt, please forgive me. I can't bear it! (No lo soporto) I shall die if you keep me here...' I screamed (...)
Relief (n) - Relieve [sth] (vb) Aliviar Alivio. It was also a great relief to recognize Dr Lloyd, (...)
Dare not do [sth] (vb) No atreverse a (locución) - I daren't stay alone with her, she might die.
Thoughtful (adj) (person) Thoughtfulness (noun) Thoughtfully (adv) Considerado/a, atento/a, amable. Conideración, atención. Pensativamente, con conideración. "The doctor looked at me thoughtfully."
Get rid of [sb] [sth] (vb) Librarse de, deshacerse de. " Mrs Reed would be glad to get rid of me."
Smack [sb/sth] (Hit with open hand) - Abofetear. "Mrs Reed smacked my face and left me without a word."
Hesitate (vb) - Hesitation (n) Dudar. "Yes, sometimes," I replied, hesitating. - Duda.
Deceive [sb] into doing [sth] Engañar a alguien para que haga algo (loc verb) "I do not deceive people! If I told lies, I would say I love you!"
Childish (adj) - (person) Infantil "It's just childish nonsense!"
Eager to do (sth) Impaciente, ansioso por hacer algo. "I've been eager to hear you"
Baking (adj) Ardiente, abrasador. "The baking sun"
engaged (adj) - ([sb]: to be married) Estar comprometido.
Lift [sth] (vb) Levantar, alzar. "...but when she lifted her head, I saw her dark eyes."
Warn (vb) Warning (n) - (notice, alert) Advise. Advertir, avisar. "I must warn you, I don't believe in your skill."
Shameful (adj) Vergonzoso. "You'll never do anything wrong or shameful."
Step out - vb phrasal - [informal] Salir (de algún lado o a algún lugar) "Mr Rochester stepped out of his disguise"
Wipe (vb) Limpiar (Clean) "He was wiping away my tears"
For the verb: "to sew" Simple Past: sewed Past Participle: sewn, sewed Coser. "Grace Poole always sews in one of those rooms"
Stab [sb] vtr (attack with a knife) Apuñalar
Greet (vtr) (welcome guests, customers) Recibir, dar la bienvenida. "Mr Rochester greet them"
Mend (vb) Remendar, arreglar (ropa) "The girls' stockings are mended more carefully"
Bear [sth] (vtr) Soportar, aguantar. "To suffer pain or unhappiness"
Boarding school "A school where pupils live."
Fair (adj) Just, Honest, Right according to the rules.
Governess "A female teacher who lives with a wealthy family and educates their children at home"
Love-affair "A sexual relationship between a man and a woman."
Mistress "A woman who is having a sexual relationship with a man she is not married to."
"I also knew that while there was breath in my body, I would always love him." -Jane Eyre.
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