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Vocabulary for Business English
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(To) Pay the piper Asumir las consecuencias Example: The business don't generates the necessary incomes for pay the salaries to the employees, the administrator should pay the piper
Nothing ventured, nothing gained Si no arriesgas, no ganas Example: The company should spend a lot of money in this new and wonderful project, because nothing ventured, nothing gained
(To) Keep "something" under wraps Mantener en secreto algo Example: The audit report must be keep under wraps until the auditor will send the verdict to the enterprise
Audit Report Informe de auditoría Example: the certified public accountant issued a favorable audit report of our company
(To) Keep one's eye on the prize Mantenerse enfocado en los resultados Example: In our company the sales manager is efficient because he keep one's eye on the prize
My gut tells me Tener un presentimiento sobre algo Example: Our business shouldn't transfer all the merchandising today, my gut tells me the clients won´t spend all them money today.
Share Acción (de título valor) Example: Lets go buy this bank shares, it's very redituable
(To) Throw cold water over (an idea, a plan) Anular una idea, plan, etc por determinadas razones Example: The new project was very expensive and risky for the company, therefore the manager threw cold water over it
(To) Work down to the wine Trabajar hasta el último momento Example: The clients bought clothes in the mall until the last hour of the day, the employees worked down to the wine
Reality Check Tener una visión realista de una situación Example: This product is obsolete in comparison with the products of the competition, we should have a reality check about this
(To) dot your i's and cross your t's Ser muy cuidadoso, poner atención en los detalles Example: when they designed the prototype of product they were very careful , they dotted their i's and crossed their t's
Belt-tightening Reducción de los gastos ("apretarse el cinturón") Example: The expenses of the enterprise are excessive, the manager should order a belt-tightening in the differents departements
Gold rush Un periodo temporal de gran desempeño económico Example: When Nokia released their first models of cell phone, it was a gold rush for this company
Broadband Sistema online de alta velocidad (high-speed internet access) Example: In 2014, researchers at Korea Institute of Science made developments on the creation of broadband optical instruments
White goods Electrodomésticos grandes Example: When the economy was in the best moment, the family bought a several white goods of General Electric
Brown goods Equipos electrónicos durables (como la tv, el radio, computadoras, etc) Example: The business of brown goods, should constantly renew their merchandise inventories
Red goods Bienes que se consumen rápido (principalmente alimentos) Example: in this market the shopping basket of red goods is very cheap
Orange goods Bienes que no se cambian tan seguido (como la ropa) Example: My budget was reduced a 15% I can't buy orange goods in this month
Yellow Goods Bienes que no se cambian todo el tiempo porque son muy costosos (autos, casas, apartamentos...) Example: In third world the yellow goods are buy for life
In the black Solvente Example: the enterprise are in black because the administrator paid all debts for this year
In the red Insolvente; con muchas deudas Example: Is a difficult situation for the company, it's in the red because all the creditors are collecting the bills
Blue-sky ideas Ideas sin sentido comercial o irrealizables Example: The building of colosseum for fights like "Vega Ring", is a blue sky idea, because it threatens to human rights
Blue-sky securities Stocks o inventarios sin futuro y sin demanda (inventarios inservibles) Example: At present, the diskette or floppy disks are blue-sky securities for technology companies
(To) Fire Despedir Example: The new management fire the the whole Commission
Blue murder Protestar Example: The boss fire an efficient employee, and him work partners blue murder for him
White-collar Empleados de oficina; trabajadores que realizan más labores de oficinas e intelectuales, que físicas Example: He works in a famous company as a white-collar, he writes reports and analysis of accounts
Blue-collar Obrero o trabajador de construcción Example: the personal in labors of blue-collar requires a special life insurance
Pink-collar Atención al cliente y secretarios Example: Usually for pink-collar labors the company requires candidates with knowledge in office software
Green-collar Empresario ecológico Example: the new tendency is all the managers of the big companies have a mind of a green-collar functionary
Red tape Muchos obstáculos; burocracia Example: To get a passport the users of this service must face an incredible red tape
(To) Pull "one's" weight Hacer su parte del trabajo Example: For decrease the stress level, the employees should pull their weight according to status or authority (hierarchy)
Accuracy Exactitud Example: By improving the ergonomics of the equipment, employee productivity and accuracy are enhanced.
Furniture Mobiliario Example: The old company did not have the means to purchase furniture and office equipment for the new facilities.
Covering Letter Carta de presentación Example: All CV to send to the other offices must have their respective covering letters
(To) Stay up later Permanecer despierto más tarde de lo usual Example: I can't stay up later two nights in a row
Career ladder La progresión de los niveles más bajos de jerarquía a los niveles más altos en salario, responsabilidad y autoridad Example: She going to progress in the career ladder if she will strive more in her work
(To) Take a bow Recibir reconocimiento por algo notable Example: The manager's assistant took a bow for him excellent work
(To) Overcome Superar, vencer Example: He worked hard to overcome him paralyzing shyness
(To) Acknowledge Reconocer Example: The manager of the company acknowledges the good annual report of the personnel department
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) La máxima autoridad en la gestión y dirección administrativa de una organización (Director ejecutivo o general, director gerente, jefe ejecutivo, presidente ejecutivo o primer ejecutivo) Example: The CEO of our enterprise has created practices guidelines
Shareholders Accionistas Example: Shareholders disagreed with salary increases to employees
Stakeholders Grupos de interés externos a la empresa Example: The directors of a contemporary company has focused on the interests of the stakeholders
CSR (Company Social Responsibility) Responsabilidad social de la compañía; pensar no solo en ganancias sino en el bienestar general de la sociedad y medio ambiente. Example: When the CEOs of companies appeals to CSR, them makes a real difference in the country
Greenwashing Usar el CSR para lavar la imagen de la empresa pero esta sigue haciendo daño a la sociedad y/o ambiente Example: ExxonMobil's is one of the most famous companies that used the greenwashing to keep the environment's damage under wraps
Figure out averiguar, descifrar, entender algo mejor, comenzar a comprender algo Example: I can't figure out quiet people readily
entrepreneur empresario, emprendedor Example: The entrepreneurs of this decade should consider that the natural resources are running out
solopreneur Agente independiente, emprendedor que trabaja solo sin ayuda de nadie Example: The typical solopreneur is easily tempted to become a work-a-holic
B.O.M.B.E.R - B Acrónimo (Bang. Opening. Message. Bridge. Examples. Recap. Bang.) de un tipo de presentación breve e impactante para transmitir una idea o plan Example: His Bomber- B will going to improve the sales of the company
Outnumber Fuera de cálculo; que supera en número a algo Example: The last performance percentages are outnumber with regard the digits in the original plan
Priceless Sin precio; que no tiene precio Example: In the attention of clients sometimes a smile are priceless
Backers Quienes dan respaldo (financiero y/o técnico) Example: In the presentation of your bussines plan you should provide value to your backers
Kickstarter Web estadounidense que financia proyectos o ideas innovadoras, raras o llamativas Example: You should very creative and persuasive for Kickstarter will take your plan
Undone Inacabado Example: The accounting department hope that all the work it have accomplished in the course of the audit will not be undone during the analysis
Prepay Prepagado Example: the internet service is prepay in this office
Offshore Ultramar sinónimo de paraísos fiscales Example: The corruption in the offshore areas is alarming
Task heaven Paraísos fiscales Example: the task heaven exists because the government no has good values
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