Bayonet Charge

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Repetition 'raw/in raw-seamed hot khaki' 'sweat'/'sweating' - attention to different emotions 'runs' ' running' 'footfalls' - focus of feet
Images 'yellow hare . . like a flame' 'cold clockwork of the stars and the nations' Evolution? creation?
Punctuation Dashes to control rhythm and convey emotion of hesitations. Enjambments emphasis key words e.g 'mouth wide/open silent'
Other Features List ' King, honour, human dignity, ectcetera' - order of concepts war destroys
Bayonet Charge WW1 OR WW2 and others
Focus Soldiers feelings in WW1 - emotions of combat ( see Owen )
Form Free verse, 3 stanzas
Voice A commentary, Compassionate but quite cold
Structure -Soldier sets off across a field towards a hedge -Almost stops but focus is now his running -Image of hare/his own fears
Sound Effects Longer lines emphasising hard work, L5, 'smacking' L15, 'shot-slashed' L22, 'crackling'
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