Xerxes: Building Program

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List the three people who helped create Persepolis. 1. Darius I begun the project and shaped its idea. 2. Xerxes carried it on, and gave it its greatness (spent a considerable amount of the empire's wealth on its construction). 3. Artaxerxes attempted to finish the project, before it was destroyed by Alexander the Great.
Which capital was Persepolis constructed near? Perepolis was constructed near Cyrus the Great's capital, Pasargadae.
What four things could Achaemenid kings do in Persepolis? 1. Celebrate the achievements of their ancestors. 2. Partake in religious ceremonies. 3. To receive foreign delegations. 4. To be buried.
Name three major buildings in Persepolis, and list their features. 1. The Apadana was the audience hall, and was the most magnificent building of all. 2. The Palace of Xerxes was twice the size of Darius I's palace, but was not as well preserved. 3. The Harem was the residence of the royal ladies.
What are the existing archaeological remains of Persepolis? Existing archaeological remains include: a collection of columns, facades and staircases, sculptures, and bas reliefs.
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