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Tom Schobert
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Physik: Elektrizität und Energie
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Lorentzian shape(saturation broadening) - at high intensities curve is broaderned → more photons are scattered far from resonance
Lambert-Beer Law (Atomic scattering cross section) Absorption of light: I(z)=I_0 exp⁡(-σ_10 nz) σ_10=(ħω_10 γ_10)/(2I_s ) (atomic scattering cross section)
Velocity selective coherent population trapping - beyond doppler and recoil cooling - bring atom in a dark state - velocity selective because of doppler effect
Forces on a two level atom in a light field spatial dependence is now taken into account
Dissipative Force is used for cooling and slowing atoms (all directed light fields have this force) δ_Doppler=- (k_L ) ⃗∇; δ_eff=δ+δ_Doppler for slow velocities:(F_diss ) ⃗≈F ⃗_0-β∇ F0 is constant; rest friction force depending on sign of δ
Reactive Force can be used for conservative trapping (F_react ) ⃗(r ⃗ )=-∇u_opt (r ⃗ ); conservative force
Dissipative vs. Reactive Force in general a light field has a dissipative and a reactive force part for large detunings |δ|≫γ_10: (F_diss ) ⃗∝I/δ^2 F ⃗_react∝ -∇I/δ
two level atom Two Level Atom (binary/octet-stream)
optical pumping Optical Pumping (binary/octet-stream)
BEC Expansion Bec Expansion (binary/octet-stream)
Mach Zehnder Interferometer Mach Zehnder Interferometer (binary/octet-stream)
Diffraction by grating Diffraction By A Grating (binary/octet-stream)
Dark States Dark States (binary/octet-stream)
Absorption imaging of ultracold atoms Absorption Imaging Of Ultracold Atoms (binary/octet-stream)
BEC with attractive interactions Bec With Attractive Interactions (binary/octet-stream)
BEC in a harmonic trap Bec In A Harmonic Trap (binary/octet-stream)
BEC in optical lattices Bec In Optical Lattices (binary/octet-stream)