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Topic 1 – Key concepts in biology (Paper 1 and paper 2) 1-2


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Eukaryotic Cells Cells are complex and includes all animal and plant cells.With Nucleus Example:Animal and plant.
Prokaryotic Are small and simple.No Nucleus Example Bacteria
Nucleus Contains DNA and controls cells activities.
Cytoplasm Gel-like substance where most of chemical reaction happens.
Cell Member Hold the cell together and controls what goes in and out.
Mitochondria Is where aerobic respiration takes place.And it transfer energy to the cell.
Ribosomes It makes protein for the cells.
Only Plant:Cell Wall Made of cellulose.It supports the cell and strengthen it.
Only Plant: Large Vacuole Contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salt. Maintain internal pressure to support the cell.
Only Plant:Chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs,which makes food for the plant,this containes green substance called chlorophyll.
Bacterial cells: Chromosomal DNA Controls the cell's activities and replications.
Plasmid DNA small loops of extra DNA.
Flagellum A long hair-like structure that rotates to make the bacterium.
What are Bacteria? Bacteria are prokaryotic,which means it doesn't have nuclei of chromosomal DNA.
Specialised Cell have a job and are adapted to their function.
Egg and Sperm Cell Reproduction In sexual reproduction, the nucleus of the egg cell fusses with the nucleus of the sperm cell,to create a fertilised egg,which develops into embryo.
Chromosomes Both the nucleus of the egg cell and sperm cell contain half the number of chromosomes(23).So this is call haploid.And when the cells are fussed together they have 46 and they become diploid.
Egg cells:Cell membrane The cell membrane fusses with the sperm cell membrane it becomes hard after fertilisation.So it stops other sperm cell entering.
Egg Cell:Cytoplasm Is packed with nutrients to supply to egg cell for the growth and development of embryo.
Egg Cell: Jelly Coat It protects the egg cells .
Sperm Cell: Acrosome tip of the head contains a small vacuole call the acrosome, in the acrosomes it has enzymes.To break down the egg cells cells jelly coat.This allows the sperm cell to burrow inside.
Sperm Cell:Mitochondria It release energy the tail.So it could swim toward the egg cell .
Example of Specialised cell Red Blood Cell White Blood Cell Nerve Cell Micro villi Sperm Egg Ciliated Epithelial Cell
Total Magnification Equation: Total magnification=eyepiece lens magnification X Objective lens magnification
Real size magnification equation Magnification=image size/real size
Hydrogen Peroxide Equation:
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