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Converting between Degrees and Radians Degrees to radians: pi/180 Radians to degrees: 180/pi
Coterminal Angles Clockwise direction: + Pi or 360° Counterclockwise direction: - Pi or 360° When asked to find THE coterminal angle use formula: A + x = 360°
How to find the Reference Angles
Formula for Arc Length C = 2Pi^r
Sector Area Formula A = 1/2(t)r^2 A = Pi R^2
Terminal angle and initial angel Initial - starting point - 0° Terminal - finishing point e.g. 90°
Sin Cos Tan (sin/cos) 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° 0, 1/2, √2/2, √3/2, 1 1, √3/2, √2/2, 1/2, 0 0, 1/√3, ?,√3, undefined
Quadrants All Students Take Cake Quadrant I - All Positive Quadrant II - All Negative, except sin, csc Quadrant III - All Negative, except tan, cot Quadrant IV - All Negative, except cos, sec
Sin, Cos and Tan in terms of r,x,y Sin y/r Cos x/r Tan x/y = sin/cos
Cosecant Sin = y/r Cosecant = 1/sin = r/y
Secant Cosine = x/r Secant = 1/cosine = r/x
Cotangent Tan = y/x Cotangent = 1/ tang = x/y
General Sine Function y = a sin b (x - c) + d a = affects amp b =affects period c =affects horizontal transition d =affects vertical transition
Steps for Graphing Sine Function 1: v. shift - principal axis 2: amplitude 3: period 4: phase shift
Principal Axis y = d Equation: 1/2 (Max + Min)
Period 2(Pi)/b b = 2(Pi)/period
Amplitude Equation: 1/2 (Max - Min)
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