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zero cero
one uno (un), una
two dos
three tres
four cuatro
five cinco
six seis
seven siete
eight ocho
nine nueve
ten diez
eleven once
twelve doce
thirteen trece
fourteen catorce
fifteen quince
sixteen dieciséis
seventeen diecisiete
eighteen dieciocho
nineteen diecinueve
twenty veinte
twenty-one veintiuno
twenty-two veintidós
twenty-three veintitrés
thirty treinta
thirty-one treinta y uno
forty cuarenta
fifty cincuenta
sixty sesenta
seventy setenta
eighty ochenta
ninety noventa
one hundred cien(to)
one hundred and one ciento uno
two hundred doscientos/as
five hundred quinientos/as
seven hundred setecientos/as
nine hundred novecientos/as
one thousand mil
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