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reunir to bring together
rincón corner
rogar to beg, to plead
romper to break, to tear
rubio blonde
sábana sheet
saltar to jump, to leap
saludar to greet
salvar to overcome, to save
salvaje savage, wild
seco dry
seda silk
sémaforo traffic light
sencillo simple
siglo century
sitio space
sobrino/a nephew/niece
soldado soldier
soltero single
soltero single
sorprender to surprise
subrir to go up, to climb
taberna tavern, pub
talla sculpture, carving
tampoco neither
tanto point, so much
taquilla ticket office
tarjeta (de credito) (credit) card
ternera calf, veal
rebaja discount
recado note
recoger to pick up
recuerdo memory
redondo round
rellenar refill
resfriado cold, flu
nadie nobody
negocio store, business
nivel level
obra work
ocio spare time
oficio profession
oler to smell/stink
orgullo pride
orilla edge
oscuro dark, gloomy
padrastro stepfather
panadería bakery
pantalla screen
pañuelo handkerchief
paraguas umbrella
pareja couple
pasear to go for a walk
pasillo hall, corridor
pastilla pill
patinar to slip, to ice skate
peatón pedestrian
pedazo a piece, a chunk
pedazo a piece, a chunk
impuesto tax, duty
incluir to include
intercambio exchange, swap
interno internal, interior
jabón soap
jamás never, ever
jarabe syrup
jefe boss, chief
jubilado retired
junto joined
ladrón thief
lana wool, yarn
peinarse to comb, to brush
lástima pity, shame
lata tin, can
lavabo sink
lección lesson
pendiente earring
lento slow, slowly
pensión pension, guesthouse
letrero sign, notice
libra pound
perdonar to forgive, to pardon
llave key
llorar cry, weep
lograr to manage, to achieve
perezoso lazy
pertenecer to belong to
piedra rock, stone
piel skin
pintoresco picturesque
madera wood
madrastra (wicked) stepmother
piragüismo canoeing, kayaking
maleta suitcase
mandar to send
portero doorman, caretaker
manta blanket
prado field, lawn
mantel tablecloth
máquina machine
marido husband
premio prize
matar to kill
procedente coming from
melocotón peach
prometer to promise
mensaje message
propietario owner
merluza hake
prueba evidence
meter to put
pudín pudding
pulsera bracelet
quehacer job, task
quemar to burn
quiosco kiosk
mirar to look at, to watch
mitad half
mojar to wet, to soak
moneda coin, currency
moreno swarthy, dark-skinned
morir to die
mostrar to show, to demonstrate
mover to move, to shift
muchacho/a young boy/girl
muerto dead
muñeca wrist, doll
cuadro square painting
espectador spectator
cubo cube bucket
cuchara spoon
cuchillo knife
cuento story
espejo mirror
espeso thick
cuenta bill sum
cuidar to look after to take care of
esposo spouse (husband)
cultivar to cultivate to farm/grow
cura priest cure
esquina corner
curso year (at school) course
estanco newsagent
daño damage/harm
estrecho narrow tight
dar una vuelta turn around
darse prisa to hurry up to rush
evitar to avoid
débil weak wimpy
explicar to explain
dejar to allow to leave
delante (de) in front of before
extraño strange stranger
dentro inside
faltar to lack to be short of
desagradable unpleasant
fecha date
desaparacer to disappear to be missing
feria fair exhibition
descubrir to discover
ficha chip token
descuento discount
fila queue
desear to wish
desempleo unemployment
finca country house
firmar to sign
flojo loose slack
folleto pamphlet brochure
despacio slowly
fregar to please
despedir to see off to give off
folleto brochure
frente forehead front
fuego fire
fuente fountain spring
gallina hen
gallina hen
gastar to spend to use up
gemelo twin
golpe hit robbery
gouta drop
gritar to shout
grueso thick
guardar to keep to put away
guisante pea
herido wounded injured
hermoso beautiful lovely
hielo ice
hoja leaf petal
hombro shoulder
hombro shoulder
horario schedule timetable
horroroso dreadful terrible
húmedo wet damp
despertarse to wake up
humo fumes
destino destination destiny
desván attic
impermeable waterproof
detener detain arrest hold
detrás behind
distinto distinct
doblar to double to fold
docena dozen
dueño owner landlord
durar to last
echar to kick out to fire
embotellamiento traffic jam bottling
empleado employee employed
empresa business
encargado manager
encender to switch on to make angry
encima (de) on above
encontrar to find to come across
enfadado angry annoyed
en línea online
concurso competition
conducir to drive to carry/bring
enseñar to teach
conjunto band outfit
enseñar to teach
consigna slogan
contar to tell, narrate
entonces then so
contener to contain
contra against
corregir to correct
cortar to cut off to chop
cortina curtain
entrar to enter to go in
entregar to deliver to hand over
entermés starter
entrevista interview
enviar to send
envolver to cover/wrap to involve
época era age
época era age
equivocarse to confuse to mistake
escapar to escape to avoid
costar to cost to find difficult
costumbre custom habit
cruce crossing
escoger to pick to choose
crucigrama crossword
cruzar to cross
escritorio desk office
algodón cotton
alguien someone, anyone
almacén warehouse
alquilar to rent, hire
ama de casa housewife
(apartamento) amueblado furnished (apartment)
ancho wide, width
andar to walk
andén platform
anoche last night
añadir to add
apagar to turn/switch off
aparcamiento car park
aparcar to park
aparecer to appear/turn up
apellido surname
apresurarse to hurry up
aprobar to pass, approve
aquel that one
arena sand
asado roast
ascensor lift (elevator)
así like this, like that
asiento seat
asistir to help/assist
aspirina aspirin
asustado frightened
atento attentive
atrás behind
atravesar to cross to go through/experience
aula classroom
aún still
ausente away, absent
autoservicio self-service
bacalao cod
bahía bay
bajar to take down to drop
bajarse música to download music
bastar to be enough
batir to churn/stir
billar pool, billiards
billete (de ida y vuelta) (single return) ticket bill
blusa blouse
boda wedding
bolera bowling alley
bolsa bag, sack
bolsillo pocket
bombero fireman
bombón bonbon, sweet
breve brief
buzón postbox
cabina telefónica phone box
cacerola pan
caer to fall
caja box
cajero cashier
cajón drawer
calefacción central central heating
calzado footwear
cámara camera
camarero waiter
cambiar to change
camino route journey
campeón champion
campesino peasant farmer
cansado tired
cordero lamb
carretera highway, road
cartel poster sign
cartera wallet
casi almost hardly
castaño chestnut
cebolla onion
cepillo brush
cerrar to close
césped grass
cesta basket
chatear to chat
chocar to crash/hit
chuleta chop sideburns
cinta ribbon tape
cintúron belt
cita meeting
cobrar to charge to pay for to collect
col cabbage
coleccionar to collect
colgar to hang to put up
colina hill
comedor dining room
comenzar to start/begin
comerciante businessman
comisaría police station
compañía company
comportarse to bring about to cause
comprobar to confirm to check
concurrido crowded
acordarse to agree on
adelante forward, in front
aficianado fan, amateur
ahorrar to save
aislado isolated
ajedrez chess
al cabo de after
alegrarse to be happy to
alejarse to move/go away
alfombra rug
algo something, some
abierto open
abanico a fan
abrigo coat, shelter
abrir to open
acera pavement
acercarse to move/get closer
aconsejar to advise