City Description Vocab

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City Description Vocab FLashcards

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Question Answer
aburrido boring
antiguo old
grande big
industiral industrial
interesante interesting
moderno modern
pintoresco picturesque
típico typical
tranquilo calm
turístico for tourists
lo malo... the bad thing...
lo mejor... the best thing...
lo peor... the worst thing...
Es la ciudad más grande de... It is the biggest city in...
Es más grande que... It is bigger than...
Es menos bonito que... It is not as pretty as...
Es tan interesante como... It is as interesting as...
Lo bueno de mi pueblo es que es... Th good thing about my village is that it is...
Lo bueno de mi pueblo es que hay.. The good thing about my village is that there is...
En la ciudad faltan tiendas buenas. There is a lack of good shops in the town.
Debería haber más cines. There should be more cinemas.
El pueblo carece de oportunidades de ocio. The village lacks leisure facilities.
Hay demasiado tráfico. There is too much traffic.
Las calles son demasiado estrechas. The streets are too narrow.