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Momentum = mass x velocity simplified: P = m x v Units: Kg m/s Change in momentum = force x time
Ft = mv - mu Ft is the impulse and is measured in NS Conservation of momentum If a moving object collides with another, it shares its momentum with the object it strikes. Momentum is always conserved in a collision
Conservation of momentum: total momentum before collision = total momentum after collision Safety in cars and Impulse: Crumple zones Seat belts Airbags
Crumple zones Cars are designed so that, in case of impact, the front and back of the car "crumple" gradually. This links with Impulse because they increase the time it takes for the car to come to a stop and therefore reduce the force that is experienced by passengers. Seat belts Seat belts extend the time it takes for passengers to come to a stop if an accident should occur. Increasing the time to stop the force that the passengers experience