Phrasal Verbs - Inglês #11

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Phrasal verbs are idiomatic expressions, combining verbs and prepositions to make new verbs whose meaning is often not obvious from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. They are widely used in both written and spoken English, and new ones are formed all the time as they are a flexible way of creating new terms

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Eduardo .
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Question Answer
come apart 5fd0ca26-b696-4632-964b-bac0c754b10b.jpg (image/jpg) desmontar, *The windows come apart for easy cleaning.
Pull over fec0f0b5-b561-437a-a398-95723e6b869b.jpg (image/jpg) encostar (carro) *Be sure you're in an area where a taxi can safely and legally pull over to pick you up. *The police officer pulled him over for changing lanes without signaling.
carry away 83aef196-338e-4876-bbae-bb11d8af6d06.jpg (image/jpg) carregado, arrebatado *Teachers carry children away from the crowd.
keep up with 614ee53e-4660-4b75-9a25-700ce18b8437.jpg (image/jpg) manter-se a par (informado) de
let down 531b73bf-f5a5-4950-8361-de4b48100cca.jpg (image/jpg) desiludir *Don´t let me down (Beatles)
snuff out por fim, exterminar, extinguir *The Nazis snuffed out the life of many Jewish children
put across comunicar (ideias) * It's an interesting idea and I thought he put it across well.
put out apagar, estender, fazer-se, anunciar, espalhar, incomodar, deslocar * to put out a fire
count down 2080b280-8d0a-45e0-903c-476c9543df7f.jpg (image/jpg) contagem regressiva
Stay out fique fora *stay out of the way
clear up esclarecer *John came up with an issue that everybody was responsible to. He pointed out that it would be cleared up sooner.
falling apart desmoronando, caindo em pedaços *My jacket is so old it's falling apart.
comes down se resume a *It comes down to four steps. (tudo se resume a 4 etapas)