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it was sort of like Era um tipo de / "meio" que *It was sort of like Google in paperback
by the time no momento em que / no tempo *By the time he spent a long time finishing his job, he have constructed a great planning
from time to time de vez em quando *We go to the beach from time to time.
do time cumprir pena *It’s not easy to find a job after you’ve done time.
on time no horário, pontualmente *I got to school on time.
for a while algum tempo *I’m going out for a while.
a while back há algum tempo atrás, uns tempos atrás
Let´s get started Vamos começar *Let´s get started from the beginning, in order to put things on a straight line.
Right from the start logo no começo / bem do começo *Right from the start he did some unusual things, like jump in a single leg.
the right way around/up na posição correta *The lid has to go on the right way around or it won’t fit. *Keep the bottle the right way up.
take into account Levar em consideração *A good architect takes account of the building’s surroundings.
on no account em hipótese alguma *On no account must these records be changed.
get to do something ter a chance de fazer algo, chegar a fazer algo *I never got to meet her.
get someone/something to do something conseguir com que alguém/algo faça algo *I can’t get my computer to work! *I got my dad to pick me up from the station.
get something done fazer algo / realizar algo *Could you get the kids dressed? *I need to get my hair cut.
get caught / bitten / etc. ser pego, picado, etc. por algo *He got killed in the war.
get to the bottom of a matter Ir direto ao que importa
either way de qualquer modo *Either way, you will restore its functionality at only half the price.
from scratch do começo / do início / do princípio *The course will take place from scratch.
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